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Welcome to tonichi kosan web!!

[Tonichi Kosan Co.,Ltd.] offers and exports Japanese Food Products such as rice crackers, tea, udon, soba, Japanese Foodstuffs such as soy sauce, vinegar, nori, wasabi, seafood, Housewares such as kitchen supply, utensil, handy tool, Various Electronics Components, Construction Machinery Parts as Tonichi Kosan's specialty and a lot more!


In March 2000, Tonichi Kosan Overseas Department inherited the operation from the proven

forerunner gSigma Corporationh.

Our Overseas Department supplies various items such as electronic components,

Japanese foodstuffs, groceries, and etc. to many countries around the world.

Japanese foodstuffs and groceries, especially, we acquired a favorable reputation

for our complete service, strong product lineups and performances.

Thanks to the positive cooperation by many manufacturers, we are able to supply

more than 10,000 items of Japanese foodstuffs including seasonings, common foods,

snacks & sweet treats, sake & other alcohol beverages and much more to

the overseas distributors, shops, restaurants and etc.

Please let us know if you are to start the new business and seeking for a good Japanese

supplier, or you are unhappy with your current supplier.

We are sure to be a good partner of you.

Tonichi Kosan Co.,Ltd. @@Overseas Dept